Tri-Dek Last 2 to 3 Times Longer Than Pleated Air Filters! Superior Dust & Odor Control
Superior Dust & Odor Control


Automotive Exhaust
Automotive Exhaust

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Project List

* No Cardboard Products
* MFG 20% to 100% Recycled Products
* Contains post-consumer recycled content
* Safe for Landfills
* Last 2 to 3 times longer than pleated filters.
* Saves on Disposal cost!
* Saves on Storage cost!
* Saves on Labor cost!
* Saves on Freight cost!
* Maintenance Free V-Belts
* V-Belts with timing belt efficiency
EPA Awarded Program that has saved up to 30% in HVAC Energy.
Our odor control media is environmentally  friendly and can be placed in landfills and is UL-Listed.
Save 50% of your back wash water using our sand filter.
* Protect your coils from corrosion or improve your efficiency by increasing your heat transfer.
* Reduce summer sun heat loads by 30% on HVAC & buildings.
* contain heat in pipes to save on energy.


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Welcome to Air Filtration Systems, Corp. Products Page

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We are pleased to offer you the following products and services. 

If what you are looking for is not listed, give us a call.

If we can not help you we can recommend someone for you to get your project accomplished. 

Get More Information on sewer vent odor control.

Sewer Vent Odor Control

Are you losing customer due to sewer or grease odors?

We offer 100% removal of sewer odors!
Stop the complaints today by giving us a call!

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GSA Air Filter Purchasing

GSA Advantage offers the most comprehensive selection of approved products and services from GSA contracts for Federal Purchasing. Just type in Tri-Dim's GSA Contract Number "GS-07F-0529U" and click search. Air Filtration Systems is Tri-Dim's GSA Contact for Nevada. If you need help or have a question, give us a call or email us.

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Our Products

Air Cleaners: for any application. Custom units with consultation.
Commercial Air Cleaners
Downdraft Tables
Dry Dust Collectors
Dust Booths
Extraction Arms
High Volume Vacuums
Industrial Air Cleaners
Mist Collectors
Paint/Fume Booths
Portable Collectors
Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Wet Dust Collectors
ACCU-V 400
Electric Motor Enclosure
LP 1000
LP 600
Tri-Mist 500
Tri-Mist 850

Air Filters: a full line of air filter products for dust and odor control for air moving equipment.  Air Filtration Systems specializes in adapting older units to current filtration technology.
Aerospace 319 2-Stage
Aerospace 319 3-Stage
Automatic Roll Filters
Cartridge Filters
Media – Pads
Media – Pads (UL)
Media – Rolls
Media – Slip-On (UL)
Media – Slip-On
Micro-Cell 95
Micro-Pac 99 Bag
Poly-Tri Liquid
Poly-Tri MCF
Predator Cube
Predator II
Predator II VR
Predator VR
Spraybooth Filters
Syn-Pac A Bag
Syn-Pac E Bag
Syn-Pac R Rigid
Syn-Pac UL Class 1 Bag
Syn-Pac XLII Bag
Tri-Cell HT
Tri-Cell II
Tri-Cell IV
Tri-Cell IVS
Tri-Cell MC
Tri-Cell MIF
Tri-Cell MV
Tri-Cell R Rigid
Tri-Cell V
Tri-Cell VRC
Tri-Dek Panels & Links
Tri-Glass Disposable
Tri-Met Filters
Tri-Pleat LX
Tri-Sac Fiberglass Bag
Tri-Dek Carbon
Tri-Sorb XL
Tri-Sorb XL Diesel
Tri-Pure 2000
Tri-Pure E
Tri-Pure Fan Filter Module
Tri-Pure GSR
Tri-Pure HEPA HT
Tri-Pure HEPA Panel
Tri-Pure Terminal Module
HVAC Care Products

Airflow Equipment:
Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality assessment equipment.

Bulk Media: UL Rated bulk air filter media, UL Rated carbon based odor control media & Chemi media for Purafil applications to fulfill local building code requirements.
All Carbon Grades
Purafil Chemisorbant
Purafil Select
Purafil SP
Purafil SP Blend
Purafil CP Blend
Select CP Blend
Purakol AM
Chlorosorb Ultra
Triple Blend
Odoroxidant SP
Odormix SP
Odorcarb II
Odorkol AM

Coatings: for HVAC, duct, walls, floors, tile, metals, anti-graffiti and odor control.
Non-Aesthetic Surface Coatings

that are guaranteed to prohibit the growth of mold on all interior structural construction products and surfaces which are covered during building process and are vulnerable to mold, mildew and algae growth.
Aesthetic Surface Coatings
that significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and extend the service life all treated surfaces while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
Aerosol Surface Coatings
which are ideal for public users to apply to localized areas of concern that provides state of the "Next Generation" technologies without specialized equipment and training.
MicroGuard Coil Protection
Concrete & Masonry
Tile & Pavers
Urban Restoration Graffiti Protection & Removal Products

Controlled/Clean Rooms: soft and hard wall systems for controlled environments to full clean rooms equipment & supplies.
Air Handling Units
Clean Benches
Clean Pass Thru's
Cleanroom Air Showers
Cleanroom Ceiling Panels
Cleanroom Consultation
  & Other Services
Cleanroom Lights
Cleanroom Tables
Custom Isolation Systems
Hardwall Cleanrooms
Laminar Flow Modules
Modular Cleanrooms
Other Misc Equipment
Particle Counter
SAM Fan Filter Modules
Softwall Cleanrooms
Terminal Diffusers
T-Grid Systems

Dust Collectors: a full line of wet & dry dust collecting systems for the very small to the very large project or custom units.

Emergency Gas Removal: our Emergency Gas Systems (EGS) are used worldwide for emergency gas releases.  Our dry scrubbers are maintenance free and in many cases toxic free after use.

Engine Exhaust Systems: filtration equipment & filters for automotive, diesel & fire station exhaust.
Equipment: if it collects gases, spray, mist, dust or dirt, we carry it.

Housings: a full line of air filter housing for commercial and industrial applications, including hospital/lab bag in/bag out housings.

HVAC Care: fan belts, coil cleaners, drip pan repair, coil coating to increase airflow and heat transfer.
IAQ Monitoring: sensors and wall mount equipment to record and store Indoor Air Quality.

Liquid Filtration: housings, cartridges, carbon, filter bags, membranes and 0.25 to 0.5 micron sand filtration. Chemical free systems for cooling towers & closed loop system & boilers.

Odor Control: Vent filters & scrubbers for just about any application. Custom scrubbers can be done with consultation.

Ozone & Ion Equipment: generators to air cleaners.

Services: Commercial/Retail Services, Industrial Cleaning Services, Paint Booth Services, Filter Changing Services, Mold Remediation Services, Indoor Air Services, National Contracts.

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i-Ware CD Catalogs

Once you have created media using i-Ware CD™ Technology you have the ability to re-author the application the viewer sees for the life of the media with an active Back Office. With i-Ware CD Technology you are only limited by your imagination!

Just ask Scooter how well our filters work!

Just ask Scooter how well our filters work!


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Vent Odor Control


Thermal Energy Savings
Reduce Sun Heat-load on Rooftop Surface & Save HVAC Energy

Protecall’s Energy Saving Roof Treatment






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