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ASHRAE Testing
Real World Efficiencies?


Relative Particle Sizes.

What is in the Air?

Particles By Weight

55% 2.5 to 10 Microns
39% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
6% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns

Reality is we remove (filter)
particles by count

Particles By Count

0.18% 2.5 to 10 Microns
1.32% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
98.5% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns

Tri-Pleat and Tri-Pleat LX Filters

The Tri-Pleat Series is available in a variety of styles, thickness's, and efficiencies to meet the needs of your demanding applications. The Tri-Pleat is available in UL Class 1 and 2 configurations as well as in the Tri-Pleat HT configuration for high temperature applications.

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation is now offering high efficiency pleated filters in our Tri-Pleat LX Series. The Tri-Pleat LX Series offers pleated air filters with a rated efficiency of MERV 8 and MERV 11. The Tri-Pleat LX Series Pleated filters will allow for a quick and easy efficiency upgrade from conventional prefilters for your facility.

Additional Information

Pleated filters come in many types and options, this section is to help you pick the right pleated filter for your application.

Capacity of Pleated Filters?
Pleated filters are generally offered in three capacities as listed below. We no longer sell the Economy Series due to the lack of airflow it asued on the system.
  • The Standard Capacity offers a lower amount media thus lower amount of dust load capacity and higher restriction for airflow giving you the lowest service life.
  • The High Capacity offers a higher amount of media and will deliver the higher amount of dust load and less airflow restriction giving you the highest service life.
Economy Capacity: No longer available!

Standard Capacity:
1” Deep Series Pleat = 1.6 Sq. Ft. = 0.37”WG (92 PA)
2” Deep Series Pleat = 3.2 Sq. Ft. = 0.23”WG (57 PA)
4” Deep Series Pleat = 5.9 Sq. Ft. = 0.22”WG (55 PA)

High Capacity:
1” Deep Series Pleat = 2.3 Sq. Ft. = 0.31”WG (77 PA)
2” Deep Series Pleat = 4.8 Sq. Ft. = 0.22”WG (55 PA)
4” Deep Series Pleat = 7.2 Sq. Ft. = 0.21”WG (52 PA)

Square Foot Media Review
Lets say you have 15 each 24x24x2 pleated filters, what advantages would you have to use High Capacity over the Standard Capacity?

Square Feet Savings
Standard: 15 x 3.2 sqft = 48 sqft of filter media
High: 15 x 4.8 sqft = 72 sqft of filter media
  66% more surface area! Or 7.5 more Standard Filters!

Cost Savings
Standard: 15 x $3.39 = $50.85 per change
High: 15 x $3.72 = $55.80 per change
  $4.95 more for 7.5 Standard Filters or $0.66 each
  Or 22.5=Standard filters for only $55.80 per change!
It would have cost you $76.28 to run 22.5 Standard Capacity and you have no filter track modifications!

Types of Media

ES40 Series - Utilizes synthetic media.

ES60 Series - Utilized fiberglass media and is offered in a variety of styles including Tri-Pleat HT60 High Temperature Pleat.

LX Series - Utilizes Electrostatically enhanced synthetic medias and is offered in MERV 8 and MERV 11 efficiencies.

Additional Information & Options

  • Antimicrobial Treatment – EPA Registered treatment to control the growth of microbials within the filter.
  • UL Class 1
    • Per UL 900 is available. 
    • TRIPLEAT UL Class 1 filter (photo upper right) utilizes a galvanized steel frame TRIPLEAT ES60 media. 
    • High Temperature – Tri-Dim’s TRI-PLEAT HT (photo lower right) is engineered to operate at temperatures up to 500º F (260º C).
  • AFS-BarLX Series
    • High Efficiency Pleated filters
    • MERV 8 and MERV 11
    • see Brochure #900-2 for more information.
  • Tri-Sorb XL and Tri-Sorb 50/50
    • Carbon Pleats for Gas Phase applications
    • see Brochures #2000-2 and #2000-6 for more information.
    • The TRI-PLEAT Die Cut Frame is a robust 28-point beverage board frame with diagonal l supports bonded to the media pack for extra strength and to maintain proper pleat spacing. The pleat pack is bonded to a two-piece frame around the entire perimeter edge. Four-inch deep filters also utilize additional cardboard ‘finger’ supports for stability. The TRI-PLEAT Die Cut frame is treated with an Aqua Coat treatment for added moisture resistance.
    • TRI-PLEAT filters are offered with an expanded metal backing. The Expanded Metal support backing is designated with an “E” in the model number and offers exceptional media support. The expanded metal backing is impervious to rust, unlike other metal backings. Rust on the downstream side of the filter can actually add contamination to the air stream. The metal backing is securely bonded to the media for filter integrity.
    • Rust Resistant Expanded Metal Backing

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