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Superior Dust & Odor Control 

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Automotive Exhaust
Stops Sewer Odors From Floor Drains
Green Projects

EPA Awarded Program that has saved up to 30% in HVAC Energy.
Odor Control
Our odor control media is enviromently  friendly and can be placed in landfills and is UL-Listed.
Sand Filter
Save 50% of your back wash water using our sand filter.
Coil Coating
Protect your coils from corrosion or improve your efficiency by increasing your heat transfer.
Hazardous or Toxic Gases
Remove gases like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and others without a wet scrubber with enviromently safe media.

Relative Particle Sizes

What is in the Air?
Particles By Weight

55% 2.5 to 10 Microns
39% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
6% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns

Reality is we remove (filter) particles by count

Particles By Count

0.18% 2.5 to 10 Microns
1.32% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
98.5% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns
ASHRAE 52 Facts
MERV 8 Pleated filters can not remove the dust that harm your coils and control the dust on your desk!

If your air filters are not sealed in your filter track you are not  filtering your breathable  or equipment air to the MERV VALUE you have requested!

Contact us to find out how we can help you to control your dust by using ASHRAE tested filters!
FC Industry
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Welcome to Air Filtration Systems, Corp. Partner Page

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Air Filtration Systems believes it takes more then one company or manufacture to accomplish good air quality or higher equipment performance. This page is dedicated to our partners who help us to accomplish your goals.


Our Partners

Manufacture of MicroGuard coating products for metals, cement, tile, plastics, paints, anti-graffiti, automotive, marine, flooring and HVAC.

Airflow Systems, Inc. (website)
Manufacture of air cleaners, dust collectors, ARM's, exhaust capture systems, booths and tables.

AllDura (website)
Coatings for HVAC, Tile, Terrazzo, Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Painted Surfaces & Mold Protection

Manufacture of air test & measurement equipment

Chemworks, Inc. (Ameriwater)
Manufacture of cooling tower filtration products (0.5 & 0.25 micron filtration)

Clean Rooms International
A full-service, multi-discipline manufacturer of a wide range of cleanroom equipment and components with the expertise to handle turnkey requirements. Including Hard/Softwall room and supplies.

DB Promotions (website)
Las Vegas Promotional Products

Delta Pure Filter Corp.
Manufacture of water filtration supplies.

Dwyer Instruments

Manufacture of air test & measurement equipment.


Manufacture of high-pressure vacuum cleaning systems.

GE Water Technologies /Osmonics, Inc.
Manufacture of water filtration equipment and supplies.

FC (website)
Manufacture of temperature controls, electric heaters, thermocouples, wire and accessories.

Hayward Industrial
Manufacture of water filtration equipment and supplies.

MAP - Management Assistant Partnership  (website)
Management Assistant Partnership provides business and technical assistance to improve Nevada industries profitablity.

PlymoVent (website)
Manufacture of premier service & equipment in source capture ventilation.

PolyMax Microfiber Liquid Bag Filters

PolyMax brand liquid filter bags, filtration media, roll goods.

Protecall Coatings LLC. (website)
Coatings for HVAC, Tile, Terrazzo, Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Painted Surfaces & Mold Protection

Purafil, Inc. (website)
Manufacture of equipment for odorous, corrosive, harmful or toxic gases, Purafil media's, bulk carbon media, modules, monitors & filters. Enersave Program for energy conservation & IAQ.

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation (website)
A full line air filter/equipment manufacture. Tri-Dim is more than just a filter company, they are a complete provider of Commercial/retail services, Industrial cleaning services & supplies, Paint booth services, Filter changing services, Mold remediation services, Indoor air services, Goodyear & GEO Particle Counter.

US Filter / Plymouth Products

Manufacture of water filtration equipment and supplies.

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