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Superior Dust & Odor Control

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Interview with Mack Barnhardt on eliminating sewer odors in Rooftop Gardens by Linda Day Harrison of Rooftop garden.com

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I heard that sewer vents are a contributing factor to the greenhouse effect and vent filters will help reduce this problem. Have you had any feedback on this? 

Water Treatment

Water Treatment is a balance between the entire system and what we do to it to maintain it!
Filtration and other products plays a vital role in water treatment for all water application systems. A company can spend thousands of dollars on chemical & non-chemical water treatment programs. Bottom line is if your water is dirty or your your cooling tower for example is in poor condition and so is your water treatment program!

Water Treatment Topic List 

High Efficiency Sand Filters

How clean is your water?
Cooling Water Filtration at its best! High Efficiency Sand Filters
Particles responsible for fouling of heat transfer surfaces are smaller than 5 microns. AmeriWater high efficiency filters remove these extremely fine particles to provide the true benefits of clean cooling water.

Rust Grip® One-Coat Encapsulation System

Rust Grip® One-Coat Encapsulation System
Rust, corrosion, and deterioration are some of the most costly issues that face engineers, facility managers, and owners.

It is rare to find encapsulating systems with proven testing to sustain corrosive environments for:
  • Rust
  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Bio-Hazardous Materials
Rust Grip® is a one-coat, patented encapsulation system – interior and exterior – that is the one surface protection coating that also acts as a full containment covering. This moisture-cured polyurethane coating has been successful in the harshest environments: chemical fields, oil fields, oil rigs, and in areas that demand resistance to the corrosive effects of day to day exposure.

Rust Grip® can protect and seal surfaces of steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and other substrates. Rust Grip® will seal out moisture and air with a permanent membrane that stops penetration and deterioration, blocking chemical pollutants that cause corrosion and deterioration.



The CorrView® corrosion monitor measures true wall loss inside the pipe itself, not in an isolated loop absent of most environmental factors.  CorrView is installed directly into the piping system to provide a brilliant color change and warning after its predetermined metal surface corrodes away. Simple, low cost, and easy to install, CorrView's maintenance free design extends corrosion monitoring coverage.

CorrView is affected by all corrosion related forces such as particulate and abrasive content, flow rate, galvanic activity, electrical currents, under deposit pitting, and micro biological growths, etc.  In effect, CorrView remains in place to act as a virtual "Pipe Fuse" - providing a bright visual warning indication after a preset amount of wall loss has been exceeded.

Optibelt V-Belts
Optibelt KB RED POWER II – maintenance-free

No Belt Lasts Longer!

From one of the largest forestry lumber companies in the world:
RED POWER II V-Belts from Optibelt have by far outlasted all other brands that we have used. We use them on our chipping heads and chipping saw machine, which is running approximately 600 logs per hour, for 20 hours a day, five days a week.

High power kraftband – wrapped belt
Sections: 3V/9J, 5V/15J, 8V/25J, SPB, SPC
Dimensions: From 1,270 up to 12,000 mm
German Engineering
1. Transverse fiber with special rubber mixture
2. Service-free cord
3. Core with diagonally aligned fiber layer
4. Abrasion-resistant cover fabric

More Information

Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

We are asked many times about chemical & non-chemical water treatment products. Here in Las Vegas we have not seen any non-chemical programs work long term and as well as chemical programs. We have also seen many towers damaged when local companies were trying non-chemical based systems. Our recommendation to you is count the cost and make sure before you try any chemical or non-chemical system.

AFScorp has and is reviewing several water treatment programs with professionals in the chemical treatment industry. Once we find a system that works we will post it on this web page.

AFScorp Team

Non-Chemical to Consider
If you are looking for a Green Water Treatment Program that control scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling;

Water Tec's approach to cooling systems is similar across multiple industries. Whether it be heavy manufacturing or commercial office space the need for cooling and thereby cooling systems are present. In both situations our primary focus is to prevent corrosion, scale, and biological fouling within cooling systems.
Water Tec LLC
7020 Cline Ave Bldg#2
Hammond, IN 46323
ph: 219-554-1790
fax: 219-554-1792

When a large casino property wanted me to look into another system to see if they can go Green with towers I came across Robert Tutlewski of Water Tec LLC from a recommendation of a friend. Robert came in with a long term history of both chemical & non-chemical water treatment history and with a long history of chemical free water treatment accounts including US Steel. Robert didn't come in and just say lets just hook up a system and see as we have seen all non-chemical water treatment companies do, he spent hours going through systems and seeing what needs to be done.

I was very impressed with Roberts knowledge of the entire process and how he handled my customers. Good job Robert!

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President
Air Filtration Systems Corp.


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