Tri-Dek Last 2 to 3 Times Longer Than Pleated Air Filters! Superior Dust & Odor Control
Superior Dust & Odor Control

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Interview with Mack Barnhardt on eliminating sewer odors in Rooftop Gardens by Linda Day Harrison of Rooftop garden.com

PVC Vent Scrubber

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Manhole Scrubbers

Sewer Scrubbers

Common Chemicals
Found In Buildings

Health Effects of H2s
and other sewer gas Tech Note

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To apply our odor control systems for your building contact Air Filtration Systems at 702-313-2060.
Or by email.

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I heard that sewer vents are a contributing factor to the greenhouse effect and vent filters will help reduce this problem. Have you had any feedback on this? 

Sewer Vent & Grease Vent Odor Control

Are You Losing 
Customers Due to Sewer or 
Grease Trap Odors? 

Our vent scrubbers eliminate 
99.5% of sewer vent & grease vent odors. 

1. No more sewer pipes showing above roof line! 
2. Odor Free Area! 
3. Low Cost to Maintain! 
4. New & Used Media is Non-Toxic & Safe for Landfills! 
5. Media last longer than carbon and is UL Rated! 
6. Scrubbers Designed to your Drain Fixture Unit (DFU)

Eliminate the odors & complaints today 
by giving us a call 702-313-2060.

Sewer Vent & Grease Vent Topic List 

Education is more important than the sale, without it no sale or project can be done with the proper product or equipment. When it comes to filtration we first must understand what is in the air from particle size & weight to what type of gases or odors we are controlling with filtration.

Vent Pipe Operation 
The passive PVC Vent Scrubber filters eliminate polluted vent air through 8" of dry chemical media, which react with the odorous gases to form landfill-safe solid reaction products. Clean air is then discharged out the top of the scrubber through an open cap air ventilator. The PVC Vent Scrubber draws air inward through a sewer vent check valve that only allows air in and not out. This process allows for normal vent pipe DFU function to allow sinks, tubs, toilets and other water drainage to the sewer without building a positive or negative pressure in the vent pipe while still eliminating odors from vents.
Scrubber Sizes Standard Media Setup

PVC Vent Scrubber (Original)
Commonly used on vent pipes where DFU is not important.
1.5" to 4" with Vacuum Breaker OdormixSP

PVC Vent Scrubber per Drain Fixture Unit (DFU)
Now approved for Clark County Buildings!
Pipe Size DFU Limits for Vent Size Media Used
1.5" Vent Up to 8 DFU ESD Triple Blend
1.5" Vent DFU 8-*Plus ESD Triple Blend
2" Vent Up to 24 DFU ESD Triple Blend
2" Vent DFU 24-*Plus ESD Triple Blend
3" Vent Up to 72 DFU ESD Triple Blend
3" Vent DFU 72-*Plus ESD Triple Blend
4" Vent Up to 500 DFU ESD Triple Blend
4" Vent DFU 500-*Plus ESD Triple Blend
6" Vent Up to 500 DFU ESD Triple Blend
6" Vent Up to 1,000 DFU ESD Triple Blend
6" Vent Up to 2,000 DFU ESD Triple Blend
8" Vent Custom Scrubbers ESD Triple Blend
10" Vent Custom Scrubbers ESD Triple Blend
12" Vent Custom Scrubbers ESD Triple Blend
Any Size Custom Scrubber Design to your requirements

*Plus Vents: Recommended for buildings 2 story or higher or when you need extra volume of airflow do to heavy use.

Click here for a "Stink List of Gaseous Products". What is not listed is what you are looking for contact us and we will check our in-house list.

Contact us if you need more information or have questions.
AFScorp Team

About Our Filter Media 

Vent Pipe Media 
OdormixSP and Odorcarb Ultra: are UL-900 Tested and designed for broad-spectrum removal of sewage odors at 99.5+% efficiencies including mercaptans, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Spent media is safe for landfill disposal. MSDS information is available. 

Our activated alumina media is designed for eliminating sewer gas, not only removing hydrogen sulfide (H2s) but other gases that cause odor problems. 
Targeted Odors/Gases
Hydrogen sulfide Ammonia Organic compounds
Sulfur dioxide Mercaptans Aldehydes

Why Our Media Over Carbon?

Activated Alumina 

New & Used Media is Non-Toxic & Safe for Landfills!

H2s Capacity’s 
  • OdormixSP @ 12% 
  • OdorcarbII @ 49% 
Both media’s are UL Certified .

Our media is manufactured round and allows for better airflow through the media bed and helps to reduce pressure.
Activated Carbon 

Used carbon is not safe for landfills!

Holds only 4% by weight of H2s.

Carbon is not UL Certified and can catch fire as lowasafs@afslasvegas.com 130 degrees.

Carbon is generally crushed and fits like puzzle pieces which restricts airflow through the media bed.
4%, what does that mean? Most carbon vent filters on the market hold about 1/2 pound of carbon or less, this means they will hold only 0.02 pounds of H2s and they need to be replaced. 

It would take 12 of our compedators vent filters to remove what our smallest vent scruuber will remove in H2s. For our 4" Plus it would take 30 of our compedators vent filters to equal our 4" Plus vent scrubber.
Purafil Triple Blend ESD
Triple Blend ESD
Engineered UL Media for Sewer Applications

Actiated Carbon
Activated Carbon

We have found some companies using BBQ Briquettes as a filter media. Although this is carbon it is also manufactured to be very flammable, do not use it!

Please call Mack Barnhardt 702-313-2060 for quantity or for alternate media arrangements or for specific odors other then sewage
or grease pit odors.

Vent Pipe Filtration Warning
Vent pipe filtration is a good way to remove unwanted odors from vents.Please note that if your plumbing pipes are installed correctly with no leaks our sewer or grease vent filter will work correctly. If you have any leaks in your plumbing pipes, using any vent filter will cause odors to bleed out your unsealed plumbing pipes. These leaks should be fixed if you use vent pipe filters or choose not to use them. If you continue to have odor problems you can contact us by emailing your problem in full and we will review it and get back to you.

Note that our scrubbers are installed below the roof wall & next to the units they are protecting. We STOP the odors. You do not need any pipe extensions when using our scrubbers.
Protecting a Swamp Cooler Protecting a kitchen restaurant swamp cooler makeup air units from sewer odors.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Office Area Office Application: This roof has 15 PVC Vent Scrubbers that lasted over a year with no odor or sewer vent problems.
Protecting a Customer Area Protecting HVAC OSA Intake from sewer odors.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Lab area
Custom Scrubber: Formaldehyde
Custom Scrubber: customer uses Formaldehyde in this building and this is one of the vents used for disposing of the Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde odors were being taken in the HVAC outside air intake where everyone could smell the Formaldehyde. They went 1full year without replacement and just replaced the media to make sure the odor does not come back.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Building OSA Intake Our Larger 6-8" Scrubber for High rise Buildings.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Basement Area Our DS-1000 used in a basement to pull a negative pressure on a grease trap & sewer lift station room located in a basement of a large Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Loading Dock Our DS-500 pulling a negative pressure on a grease trap inside a building loading dock area.

(click on photo for larger view)
Protecting a Nightclub & Valet Area Our DS-1000 pulling a negative pressure on a sewer lift station & grease trap protecting valet area in Las Vegas from odors. This unit has lasted almost 3 years in this application.

(click on photo for larger view)

Just ask Scooter how well our filters work!

Just ask Scooter how well our filters work!


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Vent Odor Control


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