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High Efficiency Sand Filters

How clean is your cooling water?
Cooling Water Filtration at its best! High Efficiency Sand Filters
Particles responsible for fouling of heat transfer surfaces are smaller than 5 microns. AmeriWater high efficiency filters remove these extremely fine particles to provide the true benefits of clean cooling water.

High Efficiency Sand Filters

The development of high efficiency sand filters has revolutionized cooling water filtration. Suspended solids can now be cost effectively removed to 1/2 micron (0.25 micron available) with an automatic backwashing filter. Older technology multimedia filters only get down to about 10 microns. Since most cooling water particles are in the 1/2 to 5 micron size range, high efficiency filters are much better at removing these troublesome contaminants. More efficient filtration means greatly improved results with a smaller filter.

AmeriWater high efficiency filters use ultrafine sand to provide this much more effective filtration. The crossflow action of the water across the surface of the finer media prevents rapid plugging by pushing contaminants over to the storage area. Not only do filtration efficiencies improve dramatically, but the filters require up to 10 times less backwash water.

0.55 millimeter sand
10 micron filtration
0.16 millimeter sand
0.5 micron filtration

Cost Effective Filtration

AmeriWater high efficiency filters are much more efficient at removing the extremely fine particles that cooling towers scrub from the air. This greatly improved effectiveness allows these filters to be sized 4 to 5 times smaller than multimedia filters while providing much cleaner water. Multimedia filters sidestream 5 to 10% of the recirculation rate, while high efficiency filters only need 1 to 3%. Don’t waste money on large inefficient filters utilizing old technology.

Clean heat transfer surface Energy Savings
Improved microbial tretment effectiveness Heathier workplace
Minimized potential for Legionnaires' disease Risk reduction
Reduced corrosion rates Longer equipment service life
Cleaner sumps, fill and heat exchangers Less maintenance and unscheduled downtime

  Filters made to last — with minimal maintenance requirements.

  Cooling Water Filtration
— at its best!

AmeriWater produces the most advanced automatic backwashing sand filter systems available.

Standard features include:

  • 304 stainless steel vessels
  • Type L copper manifold
  • Individually motor controlled bronze ball valves with stainless steel internals
  • Centrifugal pump with TEFC motor
  • PLC control and motor starter package with single point power connection
  • Stainless steel support rails and pump skid
  • Field switchable backwash source (city or system)
  • Improved backwash design
  • 1/2 micron filtration for cooling towers
  • 1/4 micron filtration for closed loops

Quality Manufacturing

AmeriWater has been manufacturing quality water treatment equipment for industrial and medical industries since 1977, and has been producing high efficiency sand filters for cooling water since 1991. AmeriWater uses technology that has proven to be superior in the industry for the removal of small micron particulates.

The complete line of AmeriWater water treatment equipment includes: reverse osmosis, deionizers, softeners, filters and FDA approved water treatment systems. All products are manufactured under QS/GMP standards.

Quality Distribution

Over the past 25 years Chemworks has revolutionized the cooling tower filter industry. With thousands of quality references throughout the country, Chemworks is the premier provider of high efficiency filtration for cooling water.

Chemworks is not in the water treatment chemical business, but all sales engineers have previous water treatment experience. This provides them with extensive knowledge of cooling systems and enables them to show how filters can improve the effectiveness of water treatment programs.

Ameriwater, Chemworks and Air Filtration Systems, Corp. are proud to be working together to provide the best high efficiency filtration equipment and service available for Nevada, USA.

Air Filtration Systems is you're Nevada, USA represenative for Amerwater. Please contact Chemworks for outside of Nevada, USA.

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