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Syn-Pac XLII Hybrid Media Bag Filter


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 Predator II Brochure
 Predator II vs. Rigid Cell - Technical Comparison
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LEED®-Certified Buildings
25% More Energy - Efficient, Says Study
certified buildings are delivering 25%–30% average energy savings in relation to noncertified buildings, according to a recent report by the New Buildings Institute. The study analyzes measured energy performance for 121 LEED-NC (new construction) buildings. It involved metrics such as energy use intensity, ENERGY STAR® ratings and measured results compared to initial design and baseline modeling.   read more...



Information on the per- formance characteristics of the Predator II can be found at, or call Mack Barnhardt at 702-313-2060 for a copy of the ETV verification report. Use of the ETV Name or Logo does not imply approval or certification of this product nor does it make any explicit or implied warranties or guarantees as to product performance.


Mr. John Stanley founded Tri-Dim with the vision of a media specifically designed for air filtration.

Tri-Dim addressed another issues, Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of bag & box air filters. This becomes a very high issue when you live in Las Vegas. Southern Nevada is known for two things, one of the hottest vacation spots and a city with more dust on the ground & in the air then most cities.

235% more surface area equals longer service life
This of course means high volume air filter sales for local business to try and keep their indoor air quality somewhat under control. By applying LCC to get the TRUE cost of filter use, (purchase + labor + energy + disposal = TRUE COST), purchasing has a way to justify the extra upfront cost of improved air filtration cost with a ROI.
Predator Series Air Filter

The Predator from Tri-Dim Filter Corporation is an effective, innovative, economical replacement to other high efficiency filters. The Predator is a high efficiency eight and four panel V-Cell air filter that utilizes an all plastic frame and micro-fiber media that is proven to produce consistent results in the test lab as well as in real world applications.

Predator Series Air Filter
The Predator is available in 60-65%, 80-85%, 90-95%, 98% & 95% DOP

Predator Series Family

Predator - Eight Panel V-Cell that utilizes microfiber media and an all plastic frame - offered in a variety of efficiencies.

Predator II -  Performance was verified under EPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program.  Four Panel V-Cell that utilizes microfiber media and an all plastic frame.

Predator VR - Eight Panel V-Cell with double header, microfiber media, plastic and metal frame.

Predator II VR - Four Panel V-Cell with double header, microfiber media, plastic and metal frame.

Predator Prefilter Cube - Cube Prefilter designed for use on reverse load applications - the cube fits snuggly over the V's and offers MERV 8 or MERV 11 efficiency.

Predator Features and Benefits


 Service Life - More media (up to 235% more) equals longer service life which reduces the life cycle cost
 Low Resistance- Low resistance results in reduced energy consumption - that equals large savings
The PREDATOR II will save
over $40 per year per filter (see Brochure).
 Media - Microfiber media does not shed fibers or suffer efficiency degradation  
 Light Weight Frame - All plastic frame is easy to dispose of and is light weight - up to 70% less than conventional filters  
 Easy Retrofit - The Predator will easily retrofit into most applications  

LCC Calculation Formulas

Investment = Cost of purchase of filters, support service equipment like frames frames, gaskets & tools. If you stock filters instead of order on demand then include storage cost, handling & if any damages.

Energy = The total cost of the power needed to operate the system with current & new filters.

Maintenance = The present total cost of maintenance, including filter replacement over a specified time frame. Include transportation, moving filters from point A to disposal & setup time. 

Cleaning = The present cost of HVAC, coil & duct cleaning, if applicable. This cost can be minimized or eliminated by using higher efficiency filtration & setting a SOP on how air filters are to be removed from the unit (example turning the unit off before opening the door or vacuuming the filter area when replacing filters to improve your IAQ.
+ New Investment
+ New energy
+ New maintenance
+ New cleaning
+ New disposal
= New LCC

+ Current Investment
+ Current energy
+ Current maintenance
+ Current cleaning
+ Current disposal
= Current LCC

+ Current LCC
 - New LCC
= Savings or Cost

This would offset a portion of
 the energy cost, resulting in a
 partial payback
Disposal = Total cost for removal and disposal of the used filters off your property. If the filter is incinerable, it could generate fuel that might be used to heat the building or drive a steam pump, this would be a negative cost to stop doing incineration. 

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