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I heard that sewer vents are a contributing factor to the greenhouse effect and vent filters will help reduce this problem. Have you had any feedback on this?


Are You Losing
Customers Due to Sewer Drain Odors?


How to STOP floor drain sewer odors.

AFScorp has tired many products to control floor drain odors and has rep a couple of products. Here are your options to control odors from floor drains.

Building Pressure
Majority of floor drain odors are caused by the building being under a negative pressure. We call this "INFILTRATION" which means you are pulling or sucking in dust, odors or hot/cold temperature from sources outside the building.

Solution: maintain a slight positive pressure at all times to keep sucking or pulling in sewer odors from your floor p-traps or other sewer traps.

When evaporation is a concern use mineral oil in your p-traps to maintain a liquid seal in your p-traps. This works with trap primers since the mineral oil will float on top of your water. Mineral oil will also not hurt your sewer provider process and is safe for the environment.

P-Trap Odor Control Products
There are products on the market like SureSeal & Trap Guard that can be used to help control odors from p-traps. Some concerns on using them would be;
  1. debris or items blocking the seal open and the trap is dry
  2. pressure buildup in the piping system
  3. when a back flow occurs when using floor check valves the water and solids have to go somewhere and the next open DFU could be the toilet or other DFU to release the water & solids.


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