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Automotive Exhaust
Green Projects

EPA Awarded Program that has saved up to 30% in HVAC Energy.
Odor Control
Our odor control media is enviromently  friendly and can be placed in landfills and is UL-Listed.
Sand Filter
Save 50% of your back wash water using our sand filter.
Coil Coating
Protect your coils from corrosion or improve your efficiency by increasing your heat transfer.
Hazardous or Toxic Gases
Remove gases like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and others without a wet scrubber with enviromently safe media.
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Relative Particle Sizes

What is in the Air?
Particles By Weight

55% 2.5 to 10 Microns
39% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
6% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns

Reality is we remove (filter) particles by count

Particles By Count

0.18% 2.5 to 10 Microns
1.32% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
98.5% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns
ASHRAE 52 Facts
MERV 8 Pleated filters can not remove the dust that harm your coils and control the dust on your desk!

If your air filters are not sealed in your filter track you are not  filtering your breathable  or equipment air to the MERV VALUE you have requested!

Contact us to find out how we can help you to control your dust by using ASHRAE tested filters!
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Welcome to Air Filtration Systems, Corp website. Air Filtration Systems is a manufacture representative for several national & international companies for Nevada, USA. We are based out of Las Vegas serving the casino, industrial, commercial & government markets. 

When it comes to air quality in Southern Nevada it takes more then the standard filtration to control air inside public, commercial, museums, office buildings or any other building with people. Our hot desert air contains a wide variety of pollutants and when you add the indoor air pollutions caused by doing business it can build up and affect the health of people working there or the tourist that visit Southern Nevada.

Air Filtration Systems can help you to identify IAQ problems before they arise and help you to resolve them before they get out of hand.


Home Air Quality? Cleanrooms Government
Industrial Museums Pharmaceutical
Commercial Airports Power Plants
Casino/Hotel Education Institutions Retail
Water-Wastewater Food Processing Contact Us
Home Air Quality?
Industrial Applications
Air quality at home can be as much as 100 times worse then it is at work or even outside. Our homes are not under the same guildlines as for instance commercial office buildings. Indoor air pollutants can continue to build up since no mechanical outdoor air makeup is in most homes and keeping our doors & windows open is impossible due to security or the weather.

We can monitor your home air under several points with a 24/7 web base report and even warn you when your air quality is just not what you want it to be to give you the opportunity to resolve the problem before you or your family becomes sick due to poor air quality.

Industrial Applications
Manufacturing is a wide and diverse category and we serve all manufacturing from those that occur in controlled cleanroom environments to spray booth environments and everything in-between for air quality monitoring & control.  To help resolve your IAQ issues Air Filtration Systems has a full line of filtration products, complete line of services, experienced and helpful personnel and is your complete filtration solution center. 

Commercial Applications
Commercial building owners and managers are faced with many challenges.  Some of these challenges include
• multiple uses copy centers
• computer rooms
• mail operation centers
• constant changing occupant levels
• inconsistent hours of occupants
• food preparation areas
• IAQ/Mold related issues
• Accidental chemical spill or bio-terrorism threat. 

Filtration has an important role in a total prevention and/or preparedness plan.  Air Filtration Systems can assist in this process with an innovative product line, trained and experienced personnel and with our service division.
Casino Applications
Air Filtration Systems understands the special requirements of casino filtration that are more involved than heavy commercial applications. Today your air quality concerns are more important due to competition or new laws that are coming. Our IAQ monitoring can help you to identify what particle size & gas-phase air filtration systems is the direct solution for eliminating the higher loads of dust & odors and improving IAQ while saving you some budget dollars.  

Water-Wastewater Applications
Besides IAQ or OAQ odors, water & wastewater plants have major issues with corrosion that attack computer boards & other electrical equipment. Our Assessment program identifies your corrosion issues and out dry filtration systems are designed for high efficiency and low maintenance to resolve them. Purafil ESD systems are an economical and effective solution for controlling sewage odors, controlling corrosion and preventing toxic gas releases.

Cleanroom Applications
Air Filtration Systems has developed a network of manufactures that includes assessing AMC levels in the external and internal environments, controlling AMC in targeted areas via gas-phase filtration, and monitoring to verify filter performance establish AMC trends or just building you a clean room. Air Filtration Systems clean air solutions for Cleanrooms include:

• Environmental assessment of AMC severity
• Filtration of AMC in Fan Filter Units
• Filtration of AMC in makeup and recirculation air
• Real-time AMC monitoring
• Legend Cleanroom System
• Flexible Solutions Softwall Cleanrooms
• SAM Fan Filter Units
• Tru-Clean Workstations & Clean Benches
• Ceiling Systems
• Terminal Diffusers
• Custom Isolation Systems & Workstations

Museum Applications

Purafil was the first to establish environmental design standards for museums and archives. Today, Purafil is trusted worldwide to protect the world’s treasures. Air Filtration Systems is Purafil's local representative and offers Purafil clean air solutions or air quality assessments for Nevada.

Airports offer many unique challenges regarding air filtration.  Some of these challenges include large numbers of people, 24x7 operation, large terminal buildings with open areas, multiple levels often with high ceilings, stores and concession areas, drafts created by large entrances, the potential of pandemic diseases and exhaust fumes from aircraft and support vehicles.  With our vast experience, full line of particulate and gas phase filters and our service department offers many innovative approaches and solutions to these complicated issues.
Education Institutions have been a under increased scrutiny as IAQ related issues continue to receive a great deal of media coverage.  The importance of IAQ in schools is magnified because children are more at risk from IAQ issues than adults. 

Air Filtration Systems has a great deal of experience in working with school systems and higher education facilities and understand their unique situations, issues and concerns.  We will be glad to assist you in putting together a comprehensive IAQ program that will fit your current budget.  Air Filtration Systems also is uniquely positioned to offer not only IAQ products for monitoring & filtration products but also a complete offering of IAQ services through our IET Service Division.
Food Processing facilities are faced with many challenges - one example is food-borne diseases. These and other challenges have increased the concern and focus on filtration and Indoor Air Quality.  Air Filtration Systems is prepared to assist you in putting together a comprehensive filtration and IAQ monitoring program.  We offer an experienced staff of sales & factory support of professionals, full filtration product line and a complete IAQ Service Department.
Air Filtration Systems & its manufacturers has vast experience in working with the Federal Government, State Governments and Local Governments.

Tri-Dim & Purafil maintains numerous State Contracts for filtration products and services. Air Filtration Systems is your local contact for Nevada to help you with your IAQ issues and to help you setup your IAQ Monitoring program.
The Pharmaceutical industry has high demands from air filtration products from the manufacturing to the corner store – this is because of the heavy scrutiny from FDA's cGMP regulations. Our vast amount of experience servicing the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and believe that this combined with our product line and our complete service capabilities uniquely positions Air Filtration Systems to understand and serve your needs. We offer a complete line of air quality monitoring & filtration products from prefilters, secondary filters, to the clean room HEPA and ULPA filters. 
Power Generation Plants have many unique air quality monitoring & filtration needs that vary greatly depending on the type of power generation. For example, the need for high efficiency, high airflow, low resistance and high integrity filters are a must in the harsh environment of gas turbine plants.

Regardless of type of plant, Air Filtration Systems offers a complete line of filtration products that meet the high performance criteria.  Purafil & Tri-Dim also offers a full line of services for the power generation industry.

Retail chains are faced with many unique and challenging issues regarding air filtration, basic maintenance on HVAC systems & air quality.  Diverse areas and special uses increase the challenge – storerooms, restaurants, refrigeration of food items, forklift fumes in building centers to name a few.  Our experience in helping multi-location retail chains deal with these issues – our experienced staff, vast product line and related services uniquely positions Air Filtration Systems as the solution for Nevada retailers.

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