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ASHRAE 62 IAQ Procedure & Enersave
The Problem: Increasing HVAC Energy Cost
Space conditioning - heating, cooling, and ventilation - represents the single largest energy use in buildings. history has proven that energy conservation and indoor air quality are interconnected yet opposing issues.

The Solution: Purafil's Enersave Program
Enersave minimizes these complexities with a program that allows an engineer or building manager to reduce outdoor air without compromising indoor air quality. Enersave provides superior Purafil air filtration products, along with the documentation and ongoing verification reports necessary to assure compliance with ASHRAE 62's IAQ Procedure.

Enersave is not just for new construction. With Enersave, existing buildings can start saving energy TODAY. And, if your building is undergoing a rework due to increased occupancy requirements or chiller upgrades, use Enersave to save on energy and capital costs by reducing your building's overall outdoor air requirements. Existing Buildings

Implement the IAQ Procedure with no additional capital expenses. Remove particulates and chemical contaminants with the Purafilter, designed specifically for retrofit applications. Slide out your existing particulate filter, slide in the Purafilter, and start saving today! Cut costs even further by reducing the total demand on heating and cooling equipment. Not only will you save on operational costs, it will also reduced demand will extend the life of your conditioning equipment.

Rework Applications
When a building is faced with a change in occupancy or redesign of a chiller due to refrigerant changes, significant capital expenditures are often required to handle the increased outside air demand in order to meet ASHRAE 62's Ventilation Rate requirements. With Enersave, Purafil will replace the existing particulate filters with Purafilters. Purafil will evaluate the building and provide the calculations and support necessary to comply with ASHRAE 62's IAQ Procedure.

New Construction
With Enersave, you can reduce overall equipment sizing for tremendous cost-savings on capital purchases. Purafil offers a broad range of modular systems to meet your specific airflow's, contaminant levels, and space requirements. Air Filtration Systems and Purafil will work with your construction engineers to assure the optimum balance of energy savings and proper ventilation. 
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