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*No Cardboard Products
*MFG 25% Recycled Products
*Contains post-consumer recycled content
*Safe for Landfils
*Last 2 to 3 times longer than pleated filters.
*Saves on Disposal cost!
*Saves on Storage cost!
*Saves on Labor cost!
*Saves on Freight cost!
EPA Awarded Program that has saved up to 30% in HVAC Energy.
Our odor control media is enviromently  friendly and can be placed in landfills and is UL-Listed.
Save 50% of your back wash water using our sand filter.
Protect your coils from corrosion or improve your efficiency by increasing your heat transfer.
Remove gases like chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and others without a wet scrubber with enviromently safe media.

Relative Particle Sizes

What is in the Air?

Particles By Weight

55% 2.5 to 10 Microns
39% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
6% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns

Reality is we remove (filter) particles by count

Particles By Count

0.18% 2.5 to 10 Microns
1.32% 0.5 to 2.5 Microns
98.5% 0.0 to 0.5 Microns
ASHRAE 52 Facts
MERV 8 Pleated filters can not remove the dust that harm your coils and control the dust on your desk!

If your air filters are not sealed in your filter track you are not  filtering your breathable  or equipment air to the MERV VALUE you have requested!

Contact us to find out how we can help you to control your dust by using ASHRAE tested filters!

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Commercial Building IAQCasino
For more than 30 years, Purafil & Tri-Dim have provided clean air solutions to commercial buildings, hotels and casinos worldwide. Purafil specializes in the manufacture of air purification systems that remove gaseous/odors and Tri-Dim for removing particles to ensure a comfortable environment for patrons and staff. 

Sources of airborne pollution are everywhere — from automobile emissions, people to environmental tobacco smoke. Common particulate filters trap dust, pollen, and other particles, but only Purafil gas-phase air filtration systems eliminate gaseous pollutants, the true sources of poor indoor air quality and odor complaints. For particles Tri-Dim innovations in air filtration products has lead the way for higher efficiency & dust load capacities for air filtration products.

Identifying the Problem:
Airborne Pollution Controlling airborne pollutants is essential to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Pollutants can come from outside and inside the building.
  • Outside sources of particles & odors, including the incinerators, loading docks and waste disposal units, are usually located at the rear of the building within a few feet of primary HVAC air intakes. Emissions from nearby industrial facilities or residential furnaces can also result in complaints from guests and staff. 
  • Inside sources of pollution can include tobacco smoke, restaurants, cleaning aerosols and bioeffluents from guests. Office furnishings, carpet, ceiling tile and printers can worsen indoor air quality.
For clean indoor air, Air Filtration Systems offers an extensive product selection, from all MERV filtration products or pleated chemical filters to modular front and side access units. Our air filtration systems are designed for easy maintenance and are incorporated into your makeup, supply, or return airstreams.

Locations and Causes of Indoor Air Pollution
Location     Problem Cause Gaseous Pollutants Particle Pollutants 
Hotel Guest Rooms Complaints of odors from guests Off gassing of building materials and patrons

Residual odors from cleaning products
• Acetone
• Alcohols
• Ketones
• Aldehydes
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Organic/inorganic sulfides
Particulate matter

animal dander
tobacco smoke
• hair
• skin
• building products

particles generated from combustion appliances such as cooking stoves

particles associated with tiny organisms such as dust mites, molds, bacteria, and viruses
Offices Complaints of eye and throat irritation Air intake ducts face a busy highway

Off gassing of new office furnishings
• Sulfur dioxide
• Nitrogen oxides
• Hydrocarbons
• VOCs
• Ozone
• Formaldehyde
Restaurants & Bars General odor complaints Insufficient ventilation or filtration • Tobacco smoke (made up of many gases and particulates)
• Cooking odors (hydrogen sulfide, aldehydes, mercaptans, and VOCs)

Applications within Hotels & Casinos
Las Vegas attracts people who want to have a great vacation & not to smell odors or suffer from allergies. There are numerous locations in hotels and casinos where particle & gas-phase air filtration systems can be applied so your guest will feel welcome to come back to your building. To accomplish this we offer a wide range of dry-chemical adsorbents called media, which are engineered to mitigate objectionable odors.

Application Area Gaseous Pollutants
Restaurant/Bar: Hydrogen sulfide, aldehydes, mercaptans, VOCs
Casino/Gaming Area: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, acrolein, formaldehyde
Hotel Guest Rooms: Acetone, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, hydrogen sulfide

Which Air Filtration System Is Best?
Depending on how your building HVAC system is setup will determine what particle or gas-phase filters you can use. In addition since each building is as different as the next as to use & construction each application should be reviewed.  Below is a general idea on what you can accomplish using Air Filtration Systems basic design concept for an average commercial building.
  • Particle Filtration
    • Outside Tri-Dim Air Filters
    • Return Tri-Dim Air Filters
    • Final Tri-Dim Air Filters
    • HEPA Tri-Dim Air Filters
  • Gas-Phase Filtration
    • Purafil Media
    • Purafilters
    • MediaPAK™ disposable plastic module

Particle Filtration
Tri-Dim's air filters are standard or can be custom so there is no limit to what we can accomplish for retrofit of an old building or meeting the standard current designs. If your building uses outside air filters for example, then review our suggestion to see if it can help you, and so forth for the other standard particle filtration sections.

Outside Air Filters media
Southern Nevada is known for two things, one of the hottest vacation spots, Las Vegas. The other lots of desert sand that gets into everything. If you want to keep from replacing your return-air filters then consider our Tri-Dek 4-Ply on your outside air instead of using metal filters supplied by the HVAC manufacture.

Why Tri-Dek 4-Ply
  • All Tri-Dek panels and links are self-sealing, yes filters are suppose to seal!
  • Tri-Dek 4-Ply holds up to 355 grams of dust while a 2" pleat can only get up to 200 grams. (see our Tri-Dek page for other cost savings Tri-Dek can offer)
  • Tri-Dek will not fall apart due to rain and is Dacron media is very durable. 
  • OutSide Air filters are typically easier to replace
  • Return Air Filters will last 2 to 3 times longer.
Return Air Filters
mediaNo Bags: Tri-Dek 4-ply has been independent tested in the field to archive a MERV-10 value. The cool thing about this is achieving everything that you wish a pleated filter could do, but can't (See Tri-Dek). Here in Las Vegas we have jobs that have extended the filter service life they use to get with pleats of 2 to 3 times longer and improved the air quality in the building. We went from several complaints per month using our competitor's pleats to no complaints using Tri-Dek for whole year. Another job our customer went from replacing filters every 3 months to doing them only once a year. The Tri-Dek were tested and shown that the HVAC units were receiving enough clean air due to the design of the Tri-Dek.

Using Bags: If you are pre-filtering your bags and need extra service life to extend the cost of labor or filter replacement Tri-Dek 4-Ply is a very good option. Example: we had a local casino that was replacing MERV-13 bags every 3 to 4 months. After installing Tri-Dek 4-Ply we were only replacing the Tri-Dek 4-Ply 3 to 4 times per year and MERV-15 bags only once a year.
Final Air Filters
Hybrid BagHybrid Bags (Syn-Pac XLII) is the final bag filter when it comes to air quality for commercial buildings. Hybrid resolves many issue synthetic & fiberglass bags have since they rely on pure mechanical filtration and not static or by simply  design. Also don't be afraid to adventure into the high MERV Values of 15 or 16 since by weight the particles the Syn-Pac XLII will stop is nothing in comparison  to the larger particles (see Weight vs Count). In addition always gasket your bags to seal them from any submicron dust bypass. Gaskets can be purchased when you order filters or installed on the frames before you install the bag filters.
Need HEPA's?
Front Access FramesMany customers have asked me to price up an installation of HEPA's to help control allergies in the office. Odds are HEPA's are an over-kill to accomplish proper filtration to control allergies. Example – In most health care facilities the goal is one micron because 99% of all known bacteria are one micron and larger. If your air filters are truly sealed the efficiency of the sub micron's will be good enough to control your indoor air for allergies.

If you have a person that for health reasons requires that extra help that a HEPA can offer we do have above ceiling units that can clean the air near the area they work to provide the extra clean environment they need.

Gas-Phase Filtration
When it comes to gas-phase filtration it really comes down to how much VOC or gases/odors you can hold or oxidize in your media. Using carbon alone to control odors just does not do the job required since it just adsorbs the odors. It takes a Chemi reaction in order to accomplish the job of removing odors out of the airstream that is being returned back into the breathable air space in the building. Purafil’s systems are built-to-order to meet the needs of your budget, space, and air handling system. We offer solutions for retrofit applications and new construction.
Purafil Media media
Purafil offers a broad selection of dry-chemical adsorbents called media, which are the core of our built-to-order air purification systems. Purafil manufactures a wide variety of media to remove specific pollutants from specific sources. Purafil media are packaged in disposable plastic modules, which are incorporated into front or side access systems. Purafil media are safe to handle and non-flammable.

In most cases, we recommend Purafil® SP Blend media because it removes the widest variety of odors and gases. SP Blend is a combination of Purakol® media, a premium grade activated carbon, and Purafil® SP media, an activated alumina substrate impregnated with the active ingredient sodium permanganate. While Purakol (carbon) is highly effective at removing VOCs, it performs poorly against hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. By using these media in combination, Purafil can ensure the removal of all odors.
Purafilter media
Purafil offers a broad selection of dry-chemical adsorbents called media that is manufactured into pleated air filters. Using Purafilters (MERV-6)  in place of your current pleats will control light building IAQ issues. Purafil has even won the EPA-Award in 2004 for using Purafilters in its Enersave program that uses the ASHRAE 62.2 IAQ Procedure for saving up to 30% in HVAC energy. For more information on Enersave click here.
Purafil Modules
mediaPurafil media are packaged into disposable plastic modules. The MediaPAK™ disposable plastic module is factory filled with media and comes ready to be installed. Each MediaPAK holds 0.5 ft3 of media and is easy to install and replace. In addition to media modules, Purafil’s air purification system also offers a variety of filter options: a MERV 6 prefilter for removal of dust, pollen, and other particulates, as well as a MERV 13 or MERV 14 final filter to polish air before it enters the room.
Purafil Side Access System (PSA)
Front Access FramesThe PSA is designed for both particulate and general odor control and works in conjunction with the facility’s air handling system. The PSA is a built-to-order system available in more than 20 size options. A full range of prefilter selections and particulate final filter selections are also available.
Purafil Front Access System (FAS)
Front Access FramesThe FAS consists of modular frames that are individually tracked for Purafil media modules. Frames can be stacked to any size or configuration to meet any space requirement. The FAS is specified in retrofit applications with high airflows or for custom air handling units. Each frame with modules can handle airflows up to 2000 cfm depending on the model chosen.

Incorporating our filtration products into Your Facility
  • A simply survey will determine if we can go forward
  • We recommend our IAQ Assessment that will survey all your air moving equipment & support equipment with a list of what is found and recommendations on how to improve. (request an assessment or survey)
To apply Purafil gas-phase filtration here are some simple diagrams on how we have done some projects in the past.
  • Return Air: In the return airstream, the Purafil system removes odors generated inside the building, such as those from office furnishings or medical equipment.
  • Supply Air: In the supply airstream, Purafil removes odors from outside and return air.
  • Outside Air: In the outside/makeup airstream, the Purafil system removes pollutants from outside air, including loading dock fumes, general automobile exhaust, and odors from nearby facilities.
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