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Air Filtration Systems offers all services to solve your  air cleaning, dust collecting and ventilation needs.  We provide application or system analysis, complete system layout and design, periodic and emergency service, periodic filter replacement and equipment sales and rentals.

We will meet with your staff to determine the most cost effective solutions for your particular situation. Upon installation, Air Filtration Systems will provide start up assistance to you and your staff to ensure the equipment is functioning properly, meeting your needs and you staff is comfortable with operating it.  

Specific applications include:

Media Air Cleaners

Industrial Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Air cleaners

Air Pollution Control Systems

Dust Collection Systems

Fume Arms

Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Industrial Blowers

Odor Control

All of our solutions will result in:
protection to operators and machinery
reduced maintenance and cleanup cost
meeting emission standards and OSHA requirements
saved heat and energy
recycled air and protected recovery

Air Filtration Systems performs all warranty, non-warranty and emergency service for all of the systems we sell and install, as well as systems provided and installed by others. 

We have spare parts in stock that are most commonly required and generally can provide service within 24 hours as well as emergency service when required. For our restaurant customers evening and weekend service is available. Many times we perform the service the same day it is requested. In the unlikely event the required part is not in our stock, Air Filtration Systems can have the part delivered by the next day.

Our experienced service staff is factory-trained and are authorized service representative for:

Air Flow Systems
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